With VAEL we recover our roots and millenary tradition of viticulture and wine productions in Jumilla as shown in the archeological site of Coimbra del Barance Ancho dated in the V and II centuries BC.


The 2020 harvest has a coupage composed of Monastrell (Mourvèdre), Syrah and Grenache grapes coming from certified ecological vineyards situated at altitudes between 600 and 800 meters with bush vines. The soil has little organic matter and has limestone and sand as the main constituents.


The separated elaboration comes from grapes that are manually harvested and selected at the harvesting ground and the winery. The fermentation takes place under temperature controlled conditions in stainless steel deposits during 15 days. A light touch of oak barrel aging is used prior to a minimum of 12 month tuning in the bottle.



Tasting notes

The Apparence shows cherry red tone in the middle and top part of the wine glass with a crimson edge.


The Nose presents intense blackberries aromas with balsamic notes. It is clean and expressive


The Palate is rounded, unctuous with a strong fruity aftertaste with predominance of ripe red fruits




A silky red wine distinguished by its fleshiness and fruit character that pairs well with white and red meats, pasta with meat based sauces, fatty fishes like tuna and cod and a varied range of cheeses with goat and sheep milk with medium aging.